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“Fast and Professional” 

Reviewed 03 Jan 2016.
Verified Clinic Patient.


“Excellent dentist, great manners, modern equipment’s, fast and professional service.
Close to zone 10, which is the hotel area, could not get better service in Canada or the US at 20 time the cost. I would recommend it to anyone.”


Patient USA
Patient Denti Vitale

“World class dentistry”

“It exceeded my expectations! 


If you are looking for a highly qualified dentist to perform some re-constructive dentistry, look no further than Dr. Luis Grisolia at Denti Vitale Especialidades Dentales in Guatemala City. I went to his office with missing and broken teeth and left in a short week with a beautiful smile. He is very congenial and willing to work with you to stay within your budget. In any case the cost of dentistry in Guatemala is about 25 to 30 percent of what it would cost in the US, so take a vacation, get some world class dentistry performed and still save money.”

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Mr. John Anderson